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Jon M Gustafson MD MBS

1501 S Waldron Road, Suite 202
Fort Smith, AR 72903

844-454-8351 fax

Demand for appointments remains very high. Priority is being given to previously established patients (previously seen in a clinic by Dr Gustafson).

Patients and referring physicians are reminded this is an entirely new practice and while Dr Gustafson has practiced in Fort Smith for many years, federal regulations require creation of an entirely new chart. Any transmission of records from prior clinics will need to comply with HIPAA regulations including documentation of patient permission. We know this creates significant difficulties for everyone, but this result is due to federal health regulations and actions taken completely outside our control.

Physicians and clinics - We prefer referrals be FAXed to 844-454-8351. Include a clear referral question with recent records along with the usual demographic information.

Refills and pharmacies - Refill requests - SureScripts preferred, or may FAX to 844-454-8351 or 844-802-7557.

Health Plans - the process for "accepting" a health plan follows these steps - under consideration, credentialing, enrolling, verification, "accepting". Various plans and their statuses are listed below:

Blue Cross - current status - out-of-network current process - credentialing/contracting

Cigna - current status - out-of-network current process - credentialing

Aetna - current status - out-of network current process - under consideration, initial contacts made

Humana - current status - out-of-network current process - credentialing

UnitedHealthcare - current status - out-of-network current process - NEW [29-JUN-2018] ON HOLD - UnitedHealthcare referrals placed on HOLD status. UHC has become unresponsive to our credentialing efforts.

Medicare - current status - Participating Provider current process - review of "Medicare replacement policy" statuses

Medicaid Arkansas - current status - out-of-network current process - credentialing - NEW [29-JUN-2018] Arkansas Medicaid referrals on HOLD due to repeated delays at AR MA office. Patients can consider calling AR Medicaid if they want to have Dr Gustafson see AR Medicaid patients.

Medicaid Oklahoma - current status - Participating Provider

Tricare - current status - out-of-network current process - initial contacts

If you wish to have our practice consider your health plan, the best method is to contact your health plan and ask them to contact us and make a proposal for our consideration.

Payment Methods - for patient responsible amounts we accept cash, checks and major credit cards. Payments can be made on the Patient Portal.

Continue to follow this page as practice development increases our capacities.

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Last modified - - June 29, 2018

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